Cedric H. Chan, P.E.

Cedric was born in Hong Kong and speaks fluent Chinese. He attended high school and college in Canada and then went to Northeastern University for his BS and MS. Cedric then received his MBA from Babson College. Starting his career at Tri-Mont Engineering in Boston, he met Terence and John and helped to launch Waldron Engineering in 1992. For the past twenty years, Cedric has helped to grow Waldron from a small, four-person company to the business it is today.

With a professional resume including work in over 14 countries across 4 continents, Cedric’s consulting experience includes developing mass and energy balance models, due diligence reviews, new power project development, and technical assistance to clients for power station performance assessments. Currently 80% of his projects are repeat customers, which speaks to the quality and customer-focus that defines Waldron Engineering & Construction.

Cedric recently designed and commissioned projects that include a steam turbine generation facility and combustion turbine combined cycle power stations. He has also applied his range of expertise to a wide range of energy projects including chiller plants, a heavy fuel oil slow-speed recip-engine power station, a solid fuel power station and gas turbine combined cycle power stations.

In his free time Cedric likes traveling, culinary adventures and watching soccer.