Karen Strickland

After moving to New Hampshire, from Alabama, in January 2000, Karen had two job interviews set up. The first interview was with Terry Waldron and the second with Dan Brown – the famous author. After accepting an offer from Terry, Karen called and cancelled the other interview. Terry’s energy was engaging and the small, close knit feel of Waldron was appealing to Karen. At that time there were only 12 employees.

Karen brought over 20 years of accounting experience to Waldron. She is responsible for overseeing the accounting and financial operations at Waldron. Since joining the company in 2000, Karen has been involved in every facet of the company’s accounts payable and receivables, audit preparation, financial reporting, budgeting and asset management.

Karen has five children and eleven grandchildren which occupies much of her spare time. In addition to hiking, skiing and traveling, she volunteers for the American Cancer Society and is involved in her church.