Michael Mark, P.E.
Director of Engineering

After a brief tenure in the mid-West, Michael landed in Alabama in time to join-up for the first grade, where as a transplant he struggled to put the sport of football in its appropriate context.  This was rectified by his enrollment at Auburn University, where his formal education on the matter was completed.  He participated in the Cooperative Education Program while at Auburn and worked for two years with Rheem Manufacturing in Montgomery, AL while completing his Mechanical Engineering Degree.

After graduation Michael moved to Maine, bought a suit, and responded to an outdated job posting that confused everyone involved, but led to a part-time position at Waldron in 2000.  The part-time aspect of his employment lasted for about a day, since which time Michael has progressed steadily within the company to his current position.  He has worked on projects of all shapes and sizes, from studies to commissioning, including construction projects with steam turbines, power boilers, reciprocating engines and combustion turbines.

Michael continues to live in Maine with his wife.  He enjoys both reading and writing, with a smattering of his favorite novels being Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson, Mason & Dixon by Thomas Pynchon, and White Noise by Don DeLillo.  As far as technical books go, The End of Certainty by Ilya Prigogine went down pretty well, as did The Rainbow and the Worm by Mae-Wan Ho.  He grew up on a steady diet of Jim Kjelgaard stories.