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Waldron Engineering And Construction

Partial Client List

Harvard University
Blackstone Station
Boiler 13 Project
Underground Steam System Expansion
Chilled Water System Expansion
Phillips Exeter Academy
Central Chiller Replacement
Ammonia Refrigeration Upgrade
Condensate/Feedwater Piping
Wyeth Biopharma
Gas Turbine Generator
Heat Recovery Boiler
SCONOx System
Absorption Chiller
Electric Driven Chiller
Package Boiler
Emergency Diesel Generators
Gas Turbine Generator
Heat Recovery Boiler
SCR System
Package Boilers
Steam Distribution System
Electric Distribution System
Southbridge Power and Thermal*View PDF
Reciprocating Engine Generators
Heat Recovery Boiler
CO Catalyst System
Package Boilers
Hot Water Absorption Chiller
Electric Distribution System
UMASS Medical
Package Boilers
Steam Turbine Generator
Steam Turbine Driven Chiller
Emergency Diesel
Emergency Electric Bus
Consolidated Edison of New YorkView PDF
Newington Station
West Springfield Station
Lakewood Cogeneration
Rock Springs Station
Ocean Peaking Station
East River Steam Distribution
ThermoPuerto Station
Gebze Power Station
Rijnmond Power Station
Rhode Island Hospital
CHP Upgrades