Location: Edmundston, New Brunswick

Design Start: 1995

Design Completion: 1998

In-Service: Commercial Operation beginning early 1998

Size & Technology: 45 MW net, Hydrograte Stoker, Biomass-Fired Boiler

Firm Role: Owner’s Engineer, Engineering, Construction Management and Commissioning

Waldron Engineering was engaged to act as the owner’s engineering group during the development of a biomass fueled cogeneration facility for a 1300 ton per day paper mill in Edmundston.

The installed facility generated 45 MW of electricity and an equivalent thermal load of 60 MW.

Waldron developed the plant’s conceptual design.  Additionally, Waldron dealt with boiler efficiency analysis, thermodynamic cycle design, and conceptual layout, technical and economic optimization of design. Finally, Waldron developed and evaluated the EPC contract bids.  This project successfully meets all thermal output designed at concept.

As of 1998 the Fraser Co-Gen Power Plant was the largest biomass-fueled boiler in North America.