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Waldron Engineering And Construction

Complete Energy Plant Design and Build

Waldron has extensive knowledge and experience in the engineering and design of central energy plants that utilize package boilers, reciprocating engines, gas turbines, heat recovery boilers, steam turbines, absorption chillers, electric motor driven chillers and steam turbine driven chillers.

Economic Evaluation

The driving force behind any corporate decision relating to a project is economic. If there is not a compelling economic rational that is founded in technical and economic fact and presented in a clear concise fashion the project will never be approved. Waldron has assisted clients in developing the economic argument why a project is a good investment for management. Waldron can provide the input, risk analysis, mitigation strategies and presentation support to prove the merits of a project.

Project Development

The project development process can be a torturous path through an uncertain maze of regulatory, contractual and economic hurdles. Through Waldron’s experience in bringing projects to fruition we can provide clients with a clear road to groundbreaking. Our technical experience removes the guesswork for the process allowing us to put forth solutions that pass regulatory muster.

Environmental Permitting Support

A key component in the environmental permitting process is an understanding of the regulations, technology, and project economics. The three components, coupled together with Waldron’s experience allows us to formulate solutions for our clients that will reduce the cost and schedule associated with the environmental permitting process.

Design Development / Detailed Plans and Specs Construction

Moving a design from idea to reality in a successful fashion requires the inclusion of all stakeholders into the process as early as possible. The design development phase is the time to bring the stakeholders to the table and incorporate their requirements and thoughts into the project. From administrative through operations, early input in the design brings ownership of the project and subsequent success. The most important products to come out of this phase is a cost estimate and schedule that accurately reflects the project components and the market conditions. The key product required for the successful construction of a facility is the set of plans and specifications that make up the construction package. The tool for communication to the contractors the details of the design is the construction package. The completeness of the package will result in a small amount of RFI’s and Change Orders. A complete package is requisite for a successful project.

Construction Support

Construction support is a proactive quality control measure that helps insure to the owner that the project will meet the design requirements. Quality is insured through a structured submittal process, RFI process to clarify questions, contractor meetings to review work plans, shop inspections, and site inspections. Construction support culminates in the documented turnover of the plant to the owner.