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Waldron Engineering And Construction

Electrical, Mechanical, I & C and Civil/Structural Design

Waldron utilizes state of the art design and analysis tools to develop accurate plant designs.

AutoCAD (Autodesk)

As the industry leader in PC based Cad programs AutoCad allows Waldron to develop 3D Cad models of a complete plant. The 3D model is then converted to a set of 2D drawings that clearly communicate the scope of work to the contractors for construction.

3D Modeling and Rendering

When working within the approval process for projects, be it interfacing with government agencies or internal management, the 3D rendering process provides the visual communication tool to help achieve success.

Algor – Stress Analysis

For the design validation of complicated stress fields not readily explored with hand calculations, such as might occur for predicting localized stress concentrations in the structural elements of an engineered pipe support, Waldron utilizes ALGOR’s finite element analysis package FEMPRO. Three-dimensional solid models of the component design are created in AutoCAD, and then imported into the FEMPRO software for finite element meshing of the structure, application of loads and boundary conditions, linear stress analysis and post-processing review. This tool allows us to take a close look at the predicted state of stress in critical load bearing assemblies, ensuring that they conform to all of the applicable Code requirements.

ETAP Software (PowerStation)

ETAP is a fully integrated design and analysis software package by Operation Technology, Inc. for electrical systems. Calculations are to established IEEE, ANSI, IEC, NFPA, and NEC industry standards. The program is expandable and can model 2000 energized busses simultaneously. This is enough capacity to simulate several generating stations interconnected though the utility grid. The ETAP database can be transmitted over the Internet so that systems anywhere in the world can be studied, for example, WEI designed a new 100MW generating station, 13.2kV local distribution, 115kV switchyard and 115kV transmission line to tie into the utility substation in El Salvador. Waldron models all in-house projects on ETAP.

Generating and Substation Electrical Design

  • - Sort-Curcuit and Load Flow Analysis Plant
  • - Transmission Line Modeling and Utility Interconnect
  • - Relay and Protection Coordination Setting

RISA – Structural Analysis and Design

Waldron utilizes a complete suite of RISA products including RISA 3D, RISA Masonry, RISA Floor, and RISA Foundation for use in analyzing both static and dynamic effects for the design of a variety of structural assemblies. These tools allow us to engineer supports for large dynamically loaded equipment in addition to enclosures that must withstand the effects of severe environmental loading such as hurricanes, earthquakes, and blizzards. RISA 3D, RISE Floor and RISA Foundation are integrated finite element analysis programs used for structural modeling. RISA Masonry is a masonry specific program used for design of masonry walls.

REVIT STRUCTURE – Building Information Modeling

REVIT STRUCTURE is state of the art parametric based software that allows two way communications between classical AutoCAD drafting and the RISA finite element analysis program. Utilizing REVIT a single 3D design model is created from which drawing views may be extracted. Changes to the model are reflected on all drawing views that have been created thus drastically reducing errors that occur when all instances of a change are not updated on various stand alone drawings. Additionally, with the use of phasing, the dimension of time is used with the single model, thus creating a single 4D model that will show the various phases of construction (e.g. existing conditions, foundation construction, steel erection, and finished architectural details). Automatic material take offs may be generated from the model which may be used to aid in cost estimating.