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Waldron Engineering And Construction

Engineer, Procure and Construct (EPC)

The EPC approach to projects provides the owner with a firm fixed price for a defined scope and level of performance. If a project can be clearly defined, the EPC approach will provide the owner the most cost effective model for execution. Success of the EPC approach is dependent of the design development phase of the project. The EPC team and the Owner must jointly bring a project though design development before finalizing the EPC scope, schedule, and price.

Complete Turnkey Project Responsibility

Complete turnkey project responsibility allows the owner to step back from the details of managing the many aspects of a project. The complete responsibility for coordinating the various aspects of the project belongs to Waldron. Our project managers are experienced in design, procurement, expediting, contractor coordination, logistics, start-up, commissioning, training and documentation. Waldron will eliminate the cost and schedule impact, bringing the project from design to testing, turning over the keys to the Owner at the end.

Develop Performance Specification

The design development phase for an EPC project is documented with a Performance Specification. It is through this specification that all of the needs of the Owner and the various stakeholders are defined and documented. The specification becomes the project minimum technical requirements and a contract document.

Single Point Responsibility

Single point responsibility relieves the Owner with the coordination responsibility for a project. The responsibility for delivering a complete project that meets all of the requirements of the Performance Specification is Waldron’s.

Completely Commissioned and Test Facility

Waldron will provide the Owner with a detailed, documented commissioning and testing process. The protocol of the commissioning and testing process will be defined in the Performance Specification. Waldron provides a uniform approach to commissioning, incorporating a template into each major equipment vendor’s scope so that the level of quality associated with the commissioning effort is consistent throughout the plant.

Operations Training

The most important component to the commissioning process is Operations Training. Waldron takes an integrated approach to commissioning, incorporating classroom training with hands on experience in the plant. The goal of the training program is to have a staff competent enough to insure the performance of the project is met.