Waldron brings utility plant expertise to your project development.

As the owner’s engineer Waldron can help you take the project from concept through commissioning. Having an owner’s engineer on board early can make a difference that lasts throughout the life of a project, even after commissioning and start-up. Developing a detailed project scope definition at the outset can keep a project on track. By carefully defining the project size, location, technology selection, configuration, scope, interfaces, and schedule, an owner’s engineer who is brought in when a project is still in the conceptual stage can help turn it into reality.

Some key assistance that an owner’s engineer can provide at project inception include:

  • Defining and/or reviewing the project scope.
  • Develop Project Delivery Approach Options
  • Assessing and evaluating the budget and identifying financing sources.
  • Conducting feasibility and site selection studies and alternatives analysis.
  • Analyzing available technologies and their suitability to a project.
  • Preparing early project schedules and design criteria.
  • Preparing technical specifications for owner-furnished equipment.
  • Preparing EPC contract documents, including RFP (request for proposal) issuance and response analysis.
  • Providing permitting assistance and addressing related environmental concerns.
  • Risk Analysis