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Waldron Engineering And Construction

Owner’s Engineering

Prior to undertaking the construction of a power project, every owner needs to mitigate the risks associated with the assumptions in the project's economic analysis. Owners need assurance that when their project is commercial, it will meet or exceed performance expectations not only for the near term but over its expected life. Owner's engineering work mitigates much of that risk through the use of technical specifications, engineering / design review, construction inspection and performance testing protocols.

Complete Energy Planning

  • - Thermodynamic Cycle Design
  • - Electric System Modeling
  • - Water balances
  • - Startup analysis

Complete Energy Facility Management for Owner

  • - Conceptual Designs
  • - Detailed Facility Technical Specifications
  • - Quotation Package Preparation for Contract Bidding
  • - Contract Negotiations
  • - Engineering Design Reviews
  • - Commissioning Planning
  • - Performance Testing

Performance Test Protocol and Testing

Waldron, a leader in power plant test companies worldwide, has tested over 23,000 MW of electric generating capacity in plants ranging from 5.0 MW CHP facilities to 1,200 MW power stations.