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Waldron Engineering And Construction

Performance Testing

Waldron, a leader in power plant test companies worldwide, has tested over 23,000 MW of electric generating capacity in plants ranging from 5.0 MW CHP facilities to 1,200 MW power stations.

Worldwide Testing Services

Waldron Engineering & Construction Inc Worldwide Testing Services
Testing Site NameTesting Site LocationMW
MassPowerMassachusetts, USA236 MW
SelkirkNew York, USA366 MW
LakewoodNew Jersey, USA238 MW
Manchester StreetRhode Island, USA450 MW
Berkshire PowerMassachusetts, USA280 MW
Peabody MunicipalMassachusetts, USA34 MW
US NavyConneticut, USA3.5 MW
Con EdisonMassachusetts, USA100 MW
Ocean PeakingNew Jersey, USA312 MW

True Plant Performance Developed

  • - All Plants
  • - Performance Testing Protocal and Procedures
  • - Test Execution, Supervision and Calculations
  • - Independent Audit and Analysis

Problem Solving

Waldron’s Engineers are called in to perform technical audits of operating plants to improve performance or solve ongoing problems. A logical offshoot of our performance testing experience, Waldron can not only report results but also recommend, design, and construct remedial action to return or enhance a plant’s performance.