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Waldron Engineering And Construction


U Mass Medical Center

The UMass Medical Center in Worcester, MA is a large multi building complex. Like most medical centers, reliability is a driving force in developing power strategies. The scope of the project for Waldron Engineering included the engineering and design of the boiler plant expansion. The facility included two dual fuel package boilers rated at 110,000 lb/hr at 1100 psig at 825 degrees F. Steam from the boilers goes to a 5 MW backpressure steam turbine generator. The turbine exhaust feeds the existing 250 psig header. Steam from existing turbine generators at 50 psig is used to drive a new 5000 ton steam driven chiller. Balance of plant equipment included: 2 emergency diesel generators, water treatment system, deareator, boiler feed water pumps, cooling pumps. The Civil scope of work included a building expansion. The electrical scope included interconnection of two new generators to the existing system and a complete rearrangement of the existing bus system to accommodate the segregation of emergency loads.